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Join Us October 7, 2021


More Than A Conference

Welcome to a community of women committed to helping women.


In person and virtually, experience what the largest network of women’s professional conferences has to offer you.



Exclusive interviews with top-caliber Conference speakers, plus lessons learned from our breakout sessions.



Enjoy the Conference year-round with inspiring conversations and advice from our brilliant speakers—in just 30 minutes.


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Priya Parker
Goals & Priorities

The Biggest Little Word to Ask Yourself Before Holding a Meeting

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Christine Porath
Success & Leadership

How Civility Literally Pays: Tips from Christine Porath

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Vernā Meyers
Communication Skills

How to Be an Inclusive Communicator: 12 Tips from Vernā Meyers

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Indian business woman in deep thought looking away from laptop

What to Do When You’re Chronically Underpaid | That’s A Good Question

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Stacey Abrams

Success, Leadership and Authenticity: A Conversation with Stacey Abrams

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burned out business woman asleep at desk
Health & Wellness

Four Simple Ways to Beat Burnout

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I was blown away by the virtual experience - I feel like I got just as much out of the conference as I would have in person, maybe more!

- 2020 Virtual Conference Attendee

I got info that changed my day to day habits IMMEDIATELY for the better.

- 2020 Virtual Conference Attendee

It was so easy to navigate, to see and experience everything, and to feel the connection—possibly even more than normal (since I could see real-time reactions from people in the chat).

- 2020 Virtual Conference Attendee

Didn't expect to be dazzled like that. Awesome!

- 2020 Virtual Conference Attendee

I was concerned it wouldn't be as impactful being virtual, but I felt the same excitement and chills/goosebumps when things were resonating with me (virtually) as I would have in person.

- 2020 Virtual Conference Attendee

This session wrecked me in the best of ways. I feel energized and inspired to speak up at my organization more.

- 2020 Virtual Conference Attendee

One of the best sessions I've seen in the past four years at the conference.

- 2020 Virtual Conference Attendee