All volunteer shifts and waiting list are full

Day Before (11/14/2016) Conference Volunteer Shifts

Duties Include: stuffing conference goodie bags, working on name badges, delivering materials to session rooms, assisting with speaker materials, etc.

Dress: Casual, comfortable clothes and shoes that support a lot of standing and walking.

Day Of (11/15/2016) Conference Volunteer Shifts

Duties Include: speaker escorts, session timekeepers and room monitors, providing directions and helping with booking singings and other activities in the Exhibit Hall. Shift 4 volunteers will also assist with gathering materials from session rooms and packing up the conference supplies and/or Bookstore.

Dress: All volunteers are requested to wear white and black (i.e., black pants and a white blouse or sweater) or all black. No jeans or graphic t-shirts. We recommend comfortable clothes and shoes that support a lot of walking.


    Full Shifts will not be selectable. If you cannot select a certain shift, you will need to choose another option.
    By checking this box, I commit to volunteer at the Conference in whatever way I'm needed during my chosen timeslot. I will also do whatever I can to promote the Conference to my contacts in advance of the event. In exchange, I will attend the conference for free. I understand that professionalism and a positive attitude will be expected at all times.
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