The Texas Conference for Women

The 2022 Texas Conference for Women will be held in-person November 9th and online  November 10th, 2022.

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Look Back at the 2021 Virtual Texas Conference for Women:

“Break Through”

Inspiration, Motivation, and Connection—Wherever You Are.

A Day to Focus on You | October 7, 2021

  • Inspiration from leaders who share their stories of professional and personal development to empower you as you craft your own
  • Motivation and expertise from CEOs, founders, authors, and other thought leaders offering perspectives and actionable ideas to help you get unstuck and keep you moving forward
  • Connection with an active community of more than 10,000 women helping women – on Conference day and over 50,000 women beyond

2021 Keynote Speakers

Your ticket includes:

  • Access to two keynote sessions featuring multiple speakers on Conference Day
  • Three breakout session time periods on Conference day, with nine different sessions to choose from, including LIVE speaker Q&A.
  • On-demand playback of ALL breakout sessions and additional programming in the Exhibit Hall
  • LIVE one-on-one Resume Review, and Career Coaching sessions with local experts
  • A completely re-imagined virtual Exhibit Hall
  • Multiple opportunities to network with fellow attendees and leaders from the CFW community

“I was blown away by the virtual experience – I feel like I got just as much out of the conference as I would have in person, maybe more!”—2020 Virtual Attendee

2021 Breakout Session Topics


  • The Equitable Workplace: How Do We Get There?
  • Building a Cohesive Team: Leading with Collaboration and Respect
  • Building Trust in Your New Hybrid Workspace

Career Advancement

  • Digital Overload: How to Be Successful While Managing the Fatigue
  • Risks & Rewards: Get Better at Tough Choices and Adapting to Change
  • Big Changes: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Personal Development

  • Mental Health & the Pandemic: How to Reverse its Toll on You and Your Family
  • Power & Confidence: Regaining Our Lost Agency
  • Facing Your Fears: Stop Being Held Back

2021 Breakout Speakers

Amy Cuddy
Rebecca Minkoff
Amy Morin
Anne Morriss
Cal Newport
Michelle Poler
Kim Scott
Janet Stovall
Cassandra Worthy
blush image placeholder - more amazing speakers to be announced!
  • Amy Cuddy, social psychologist, award-winning Harvard lecturer, and best-selling author
  • Rebecca Minkoff, fashion mogul and entrepreneur
  • Amy Morin, psychotherapist, Northeastern University, podcast host and author, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do
  • Anne Morriss, executive founder, The Leadership Consortium & co-author, Unleashed
  • Cal Newport, productivity expert & author, Digital Minimalism and A World Without Email
  • Michelle Poler, author & creator, Hello Fears, a movement that has inspired more than 50 million people @hellofears
  • Kim Scott, author, Radical Candor and Just Work
  • Janet Stovall, senior strategist, NeuroLeadership Institute & diversity pragmatist
  • Cassandra Worthy, founder & CEO, Change Enthusiasm
  • More amazing speakers to be announced!

Breakout Session Bonuses

  • Submit your questions during breakout sessions, and they may be answered live by the speaker.
  • On-Demand Playback—Attendees will also have the opportunity to watch ALL of the breakout sessions ON-DEMAND through October 22, 2021.

Organized Networking Opportunities

  • Facilitated Networking Discussions—An opportunity for attendees to join live, small-group discussions with top executives to power their personal and professional growth.
  • Peer Networking Chat Groups—A platform to connect with other attendees with similar interests and challenges.
  • Public Breakout Session Chats—A way for attendees to share comments and questions during breakout sessions.
  • Private 1:1 & Group Messaging—A place for attendees to “meet up” with other attendees throughout the conference.

The 22nd annual Texas Conference for Women was held virtually on October 7, 2021. For program highlights, details on the Conference playlist, and more, please visit our 2021 Conference Center page.

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