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2017 Session | Achieving More by Doing Less

Even though women are 50% of the workforce, they only represent 18% of the highest-level leaders. Responsibilities at work and home often leave women without the bandwidth to succeed and wondering if their career and personal goals are unachievable. Tiffany Dufu, one of Fast Company’s “League of Extraordinary Women” and once the poster child for doing it all, will offer a new perspective on why the women’s leadership movement has stalled and how we can stop that trend. She will share actionable advice on how we can reevaluate our priorities, embrace imperfection and expect less of ourselves and more of others so that we can focus on the goals we truly care about. Attendees will walk away with practical tips to help us flourish at work and develop deeper, more meaningful relationships at home.

Speaker: Tiffany Dufu, CLO, Levo & author, Drop the Ball

Emcee: Carol McGarah, CEO, Blackridge & board member, TX Conference for Women