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2018 Session | Harness Resilience to Catapult Yourself Forward

Whether personally or professionally, women face more stresses and strains than ever before. What if you could embrace life’s challenges, using them to catapult yourself forward instead of feeling weighed down by them? Join resilience expert Anne Grady as she presents a comedic spin on her story of being forced to build resilience to a positive end. She will share the important tools to enable you to cultivate your ability to adapt, learn from experience, and establish a healthy relationship with your key stressors. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify triggers and manage self-defeating habits
  • Use brain-based strategies to improve emotional regulation and attention
  • Identify high pay-off activities and priorities
  • Take advantage of risk, change, and adversity to rise up faster and stronger

Speaker: Anne Grady, resilience expert and best-selling author

Emcee: Renee Schroeder, SVP, core technology solutions, Charles Schwab Technology Services, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.