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2018 Session | Reading Others: It’s All About the Body

Whether in a meeting with your colleagues, selling a client on an idea or mingling at a networking event, understanding what others are trying to say is imperative to your success. Led by Alice Rutkowski, nicknamed the “People Whisperer,” this session will boost your nonverbal intelligence so you can better grasp someone’s true intent and influence others with your own body language. Rutkowski will share the five keys to reading body language: kinesics, posture, trusting what you can see, studying hands and arms, and being able to accurately assess facial cues—so that you can understand the body language in your own postures and in that of others. You will walk away with a whole new set of tools for your next interaction!

Speaker:  Alice Rutkowski, body language expert and VP, SAGIN

Emcee: Carol McGarah, CEO, Blackridge & board member