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2018 Session | Women & Work: The Changing Meaning of Ambition

Hana Schank

Faced with pivotal and thought-provoking moments in their careers, college friends Hana Schank and Elizabeth Wallace came back together decades post-graduation to embark on a project about women, ambition, transition, crisis and achievement. This workshop will share their rich insights, findings and first-hand experiences about the changing meaning of ambition. Drawing on their project, The Ambition Interviews,  they will offer insights into the variables that push women to make big decisions, and offer tools to help emerging professionals make those decisions easier.  For a new generation of working women or anyone at a crossroads, this session will explore the impact of modern parenting, a 24/7 work culture, and sexism in the workplace so that those big decisions become a little easier to make.

Speakers: Hana Schank & Elizabeth Wallace, co-authors, The Ambition Decisions

Emcee: Cindy Bond, surface transportation and logistics, Phillips 66 Company