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Boot Camp Descriptions

Boot Camp Session Descriptions


From Bland to Bam: Maximize the Power of Your Personal Brand to Build Your Business

Samantha Ettus, personal branding expert, bestselling author and TV personality

Ready to go from bland to bam? Branding expert Samantha Ettus teaches you how to develop an irresistible brand to stand out from the competition and create customer loyalty.


Muscle Marketing: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Marketing and Media on a Shoestring Budget

Audra Jackson, Audra Jackson is the director of Client Services for Pop Labs, Inc. in Houston, TX.

Jessica Nunez, the founder of Nuñez PR Group, a full service public relations firm that specializes in e-PR, the utilization of social media for PR and marketing strategies.


Money Matters: Get the Cash You Need and Get Your Numbers Right

Sara Bloom, founder and chief designer of Oliver B, a modern day baby bedding and accessories company.

Danae Ringelmann, co-founder of IndieGoGo which uses crowdfunding to level the playing field.


Sales for Small Business Success: So You’ve Got Them in the Door, Now What?

Mel Robbins, is a working mother of three and “America’s Life Coach.” She’s a relationship exert, syndicated radio host, author, columnist, lawyer and co-founder of Advice for Living, Inc.


Social Media: The No-Cost Equalizer for Small Businesses

Nicole Williams, connection director at LinkedIn

Nicole Williams, connection director at LinkedIn, helps you leverage social media to turn fans and followers into champions and clients for your small business.

Vanessa Wilson The founder and proprietor of Crafty Gemini,LLC, a sewing, quilting, crafting and cooking tutorial website that showcases her many talents.


5 Key Lessons for Small Business Success: From Saying No to Rewarding Mistakes

Michael Alter, president of SurePayroll

As president of SurePayroll, Michael Alter gives an annual award to an employee for the “best mistake” and he shares the power of mistakes every small business owner should know.


Mind for Business Success: She’s Done It and You Can Too!

Amy Simmons, A native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Amy Simmons originally wanted to go into medicine.


What’s your WHO: Why targeting your sales to fewer people produces greater results.

Cindy Solomon, an internationally recognized speaker, consultant, author and entrepreneur who helps organizations, teams and individuals find their courage.