Online Book Club Recap: Negotiating Your Worth

money-articleWomen lose up to a million dollars in income over the lifetime of their career simply because they are afraid to ask and negotiate.

In our July 31 online book club, bestselling author, negotiator and our 2012 speaker Victoria Pynchon explained how to ASK for what you want, including more money at work. Scroll down to listen to/download the teleclass. Read More

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The Ten Commandments of Negotiation for Women

smaller-pynchon-120x131by Victoria Pynchon

Thou Shalt Recognize the Opportunity to Negotiate Something for Thine Own. 

Whenever you have a decision to make with another person – going golfing or the movies, setting a fee, or buying a piece of bruised fruit at a farmers’ market – that’s an opportunity to ask for something more or different. That’s an opportunity to negotiate. Read More

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Negotiating Your Worth: Online Book Club July 31

Join our virtual book club with speaker Victoria Pynchon, July 31 at 8PM EST to discuss her book, The Grownups’ ABCs of Conflict Resolution. As the co-founder of She Negotiates, Victoria Pynchon has helped countless women recognize their worth in the workplace and negotiate so that others recognize it too. Her work has been featured on NPR and CNN and in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Read More

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Prominent Local Women Leaders Join TCW Advisory Council

Some of the most promiment female leaders from across the state are bringing a wealth of experience to the 13th annual Texas Conference for Women through their appointment to its charter Advisory Council. Under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, these women will work together to create an empowering and inspirational day for attendees year after year.

The Council is comprised of women who understand the importance of personal and professional growth and who are committee to dropping the ladder down for the next generation of aspiring female leaders. Meet the Advisory Council


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Why You Need a Good Ol’ Gal Network

RMM_9613-300x199Familiar with the phrase “good ol’ boy network?” Well, there is a new type of network on the rise, for “good ol’ gals” — and turns out it’s good for gals.

But, the question is why should women seek out women-only networks? This recent article from The Glasshammer makes the case. Read More

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IMAGINE Interview: Karen Quintos

Quintos_Karen_9-17_2-247x300Karen Quintos, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Dell Inc.


1. What comes to mind when you hear the word “Imagine”?

I think of the hope and optimism I have that the world will solve some of its biggest issues – hunger, global warming, access to education – and that technology will play a key role in these solutions. As a female leader, “imagine” makes me think of the possibility that girls of all ages around the world can and will have the same access and opportunities that are afforded to men. I imagine gender gaps starting to close. Read More

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What’s Your Social Media Scene?

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Do Women Really Need More Tough Love?

smaller-pynchon-120x131by Victoria Pynchon

There’s a lot of good advice over at Women 2.0′s Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success – a Manifesto.

So why does this preface to the Manifesto irritate me?

Friends, and strangers reading this, listen to me:

Stop being your own worst enemy.

Stop being the force that keeps you immobile.

Stop being the cause of failure before you start trying. Read More

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7 Keys to Landing Your Dream Job

We all know it’s tough getting jobs these days. So here are seven tips that will help you nail your dream job:

1. Build a brand

When you’re applying for a job, you could be like so many others – BORING! You could have nothing interesting, innovative, novel or remarkable about you. Read More

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Calling all Dreamers

Kate-Mahon-214x300by Katie Mahon

May is a month when the natural world around us has completed its annual metamorphosis from the dead of winter to the rebirth of spring. Yet, in our high-tech, post modern lives, we can ignore what historically was a strong pull to this annual rejuvenation that nature bestows upon us. The sameness of our days gives way to the sameness in our lives and the rebirth taking place outside our window, while beautiful when we stop and notice, becomes beside the point in our busy schedules. It needn’t be. Bringing the exhilaration of a flowering spring garden into your life, in the spot where just a short time ago there was the dormancy of frozen soil, is as simple as planting the seeds. Read More

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