Negotiation Strategies to Earn What You Are Worth—Podcast with Victoria Pynchon

Pynchon-VictoriasmWhen it comes to what you earn, do you know what you’re worth and your bottom line? Whether you’re negotiating a job offer, raising your fees, or buying a car, negotiation expert Victoria Pynchon shares a five-step preparation process that can help you get what you want. Scroll down to listen to the 30-minute podcast or read the transcript. Read More

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Innovation Uncensored: Ignite your Project, Career and Workplace

Creativity can’t be forced and everyone hits a wall at times – even seasoned leaders and entrepreneurs. Is your CEO breathing down your neck? Is your top client hovering and waiting for that next big idea? Are your teammates and employees uninspired? While innovation can be elusive at times, there are practical and easy ways to cultivate an innovative and creative workplace that drives bottom line results. This session will explore how you can create a constant exchange of ideas and implement techniques to ignite your project, company and career. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from successful innovators and entrepreneurs to learn how they generated ideas, fostered a creative environment and ultimately executed.

Panelists: Deborah Buresh Jackson, founder, Plum Alley @DBDJ1007
Mauria Finley, founder, Citrus Lane @MAURIAFINLEY
Emma Johnson, founder, @EMMAJOHNSON

Moderator: Natalie Madeira Cofield, president & CEO, Capital City African American Chamber of Commerce and author, The Pursuit of Entrepreneurship @NCOFIELD

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Your Next and Best Career Move: How to make a Working Identity and Life Plan that Reflects You

In our quest for excellence, shattering the glass ceiling and following a traditional executive career trajectory, women are often sidetracked from a path that may be better suited for their individual strengths or unique passions. Women should and can rise beyond their potential, but not at the expense of their specific skills, talents and expertise. Whether you are looking for a career change, re-entering the workforce after time away, or trying to find the right path for you, this session will help you create and execute your life plan and create the working identity that best reflects you.

Panelists: Allison Dew, vice president, global corporate and consumer marketing, Dell @ALLISONDEWSAYS
Shirley Franklin, former mayor, Atlanta and visiting professor, LBJ School @ATLSHIRLEY
Trenesa Stanford-Danuser, vice president, global communications and strategic alliances, Estee Lauder @TREHUG

Moderator: Holly Gordon, executive director and executive producer, Girl Rising @HOLLYGORDON

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5 Things Holding You Back from Career Transition

Christie MimsThere are often 5 big things that hold us back from making a change in our career, and if you can get past them, you’d be amazed at what happens. Click the link below to listen to a 15-minute podcast from career coach Christie Mims to learn more about these fears, and learn a tool that can help you overcome them.

The 5 Fears

How many of us have felt one or more of these? Read More

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Finding Opportunity in Times of Change

Samantha-Ettus-2013-120x120Everything changes, and we all resist change. We all experience adversity that ranges from every day challenges to serious loss. Fortunately, people can grow and adapt.

In this session of “Office Hours,” host Samantha Ettus and guest Anne Barry Jolles, MBA, PCC, OT, discussed how to develop resilience, which allows us to live with humor, vitality and optimism during tough times and chaos. Scroll down to read a recap, and click the link below to listen to the full 30-minute broadcast. Read More

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Master the Art of Instant Connections: Mel Robbins

Mel-Robbinssm1Do you hate networking events? Then turn them into a game with a friend, says Texas Conference for Women speaker Mel Robbins in our 25-minute teleclass. Challenge yourselves to meeting a specific goal before you go, for example, collecting 10 business cards. When networking, scan the room to find people to whom you are drawn. Follow your gut, and go talk to them! Compliment them on their blouse/shoes/pin, or just tell them they have great energy and you wanted to meet them. Click the link below to listen to the full teleclass. Read More

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The Art of the Cold Call (or Email)

marcy twete photoWhen you hear the words “cold call,” you probably associate them with the words “cold sweat.” Calling someone you don’t know or even sending an introductory email, can be terrifying for even the most expert networker. Of course, a cold call or email isn’t ideal, but it can be necessary. Read More

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Network Like a Rockstar Using LinkedIn

Rezvani-SelenasmCareer expert Selena Rezvani shares best practices for creating and managing your presence on LinkedIn in this 20-minute podcast (see link below). In 2012, Rezvani had one of the “top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles” and in this mini session, she will show you three specific strategies for getting your LinkedIn profile in shape before the Texas Conference for Women – a prime networking opportunity if there ever was one! Read More

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Inspired By: Karen Quintos

Quintos_Karen_9-17_2sm“A diverse set of perspectives just makes companies better and teams better.”

Karen Quintos, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Dell, and Texas Conference for Women board member strongly believes that diversity is key to a company’s success, which is one reason she’s made a deliberate effort at Dell to help other women succeed through networking. Read More

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Inspired By: Johnita Jones

Johnita Jones“The first thing women need to do is really understand their strengths and weaknesses.”

Understanding how to learn, grow and strengthen your weaknesses is just as important as building on your strengths, says Johnita Jones, Pipeline Risk and Integrity Manager, ExxonMobil Pipeline Company, and Texas Conference for Women board member. We asked her a few questions about her career and advice for other women. Read More

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