Volunteer Waiting List

  • Before signing up for the waiting list, please ask yourself the following questions:

    • Can I be available with only 2-3 days’ notice?
    • Am I willing to help during any of the volunteer shifts?
    • Will I actively check the email account I used on the form and respond promptly when contacted about openings?

    If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, you should not sign up for the Volunteer Waiting List.

    This year the waiting list will not ask you to rank your preference of the different shifts. The Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to folks in order of signing up to fill vacancies as needed. You can choose to decline the offer when contacted, but you will then forfeit the opportunity to volunteer at this year’s conference. The Volunteer Coordinator will not contact people on the Waiting List repeatedly for openings on different shifts. The Volunteer Coordinator manages over 250 names to fill the five volunteer shifts and ensure all tasks to support the conference are covered; she is not able to contact each person several times or accommodate requests to fill an opening for only one of the shifts.

    In August, the Volunteer Coordinator will begin confirming availability with folks already signed up on the original lists. This process takes time. The Volunteer Coordinator may not contact people on the waiting list until just a few days before the conference. Sometimes, there is more notice, but not always. And, there is no way to know which shifts may have openings that need to be filled.

    All of us at the TX Conference for Women want to thank you for your flexibility and interest in helping us make 2019 the best conference ever!

    Important Notes

    • There are five volunteer shifts outlined below. In exchange for your helping us on any one of the volunteer shifts, you will receive free admission to the conference. Your conference pass will provide access to all conference offerings that do not interfere with your volunteer duties; it also includes lunch and the opportunity to hear our keynote speakers.
    • After you complete and submit the waiting list form, you should receive an email generated by the website to confirm that your submission was registered. If you do not receive such an email within two (2) days of submitting the online form, please go back onto the site and try resubmitting your form using the same email address. The system will either take the second try or indicate that the email has already been registered – either way your submission is confirmed. You do not need to contact the Volunteer Coordinator.
    • There are only a few tasks that do not involve walking or standing on the day of the conference. Anyone who needs to sit or has other restrictions is asked to make a note in the comments box.
    • If you are interested in helping with Resume Review or Career Coaching, you should not sign up to volunteer here. You should email [email protected] for more information.
    • You do not need to sign up for the conference separately. Your registration is handled through the Volunteer Coordinator.

    Volunteer Shift Descriptions


    SHIFT 1 (Day before conference: 9:00a-4:00p)

    SHIFT 2 (Day before conference: 11:00a-6:00p)

    Volunteers may be released early from one or both of the shifts available on the day before the conference if all tasks are complete, but please plan to stay until the end.

    Duties Include: stuffing conference goodie bags, putting name badges together, delivering materials to session rooms, assisting with speaker materials, etc.

    Dress: Casual, comfortable clothes and shoes that support a lot of standing and walking.


    SHIFT 3 (Early shift day of conference: 5:45a-9:45a) Shift 3 is one hour less that the other two options on the day of the conference due to the early report time and hectic pace at that time.

    SHIFT 4 (Second shift day of conference: 8:30a-1:30p) Shift 4 focuses on helping in the Exhibit Hall, with breakout Sessions I & II, bag distribution and providing seating directions in the keynote luncheon.

    SHIFT 5 (Afternoon shift day of conference: 1:00p-6:00p) Shift 5 will start an hour later to allow volunteers to attend both Sessions I & II before starting their volunteer tasks. We will eat together in the volunteer room and watch the keynote speakers on a live video feed.

    Dress: All volunteers are requested to wear white and black (i.e., black pants and a white blouse or sweater) or all black. No jeans or graphic t-shirts. We recommend comfortable clothes and shoes that support a lot of walking.

  • You are invited to upload a photo to help Amy B. put a face with your name.
    The alternative meal will satisfy vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free needs.
    By checking this box, I commit to volunteer at the Conference in whatever way I'm needed during my chosen timeslot. I will also do whatever I can to promote the Conference to my contacts in advance of the event. In exchange, I will attend the conference for free. I understand that professionalism and a positive attitude will be expected at all times.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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