How Do You Cope With Big Life Changes?

Join our new community idea swap! First up: How do you cope with life changes (big or small)? Anita Perry, Sally Krawcheck and Lisa Belkin lead the discussion—and we can’t wait to hear from you too. Share your comments below.

First Lady Anita PerryWhenever I go through challenges of any type, I remember some of the important lessons that my father taught me. One of my favorites: ‘Sleep on it; things always look better in the morning.’ So simple. So true. Thank you, Daddy.  As I work through transitions, I always take time for introspection, meditation and prayer. Never underestimate the power of prayer, and the importance of listening for an answer. That’s a key.

—Anita Perry, First Lady of Texas

Krawcheck, SalliesmIt seems that, for so many of us, life is a series of transitions. I’ve started jobs, changed jobs, been fired from jobs, changed industries, had a family, nursed my children through health scares. And I believe that the number of transitions we face will only increase, as we live longer and the pace of change increases. I have navigated through my transitions by calling on a profound sense of gratitude. I fully recognize that, only through the accident of birth (and some hard work), I have been blessed with an amazing life. And so I have loved every step of the way. In fact, I tell people that I loved my career so much, I even loved getting fired! (And it’s almost true.)

– Sallie Krawcheck, renowned voice for women on Wall Street and CEO of 85 Broads @SALLIEKRAWCHECK

Belkin-LisasmTransitions are particularly hard when you are out of practice. I spent 30 years working for the same company —The New York Times — and then I left for the Huffington Post. My concerns then were about longevity — how long would this next job last? Was the business model of HP secure? Was my position of whim of the leader, a momentary blip in journalism? I stayed for 2 1/2 years and just left for Yahoo News, which is building a new original reporting team that sounds like a lot of fun. This time I asked no questions about longevity. Que sera and all that. The rest of my career, I realize, will be spent doing the work that seems most interesting at the moment. That is the reality of journalism in particular and life in general.

– Lisa Belkin, senior national correspondent, Yahoo News @LISABELKIN

What strength or skill helps you get through life changes? Let us know in the comments!

  • Lou Lindsey

    I have had a lot of changes and challenges in my lifetime. Births, Deaths, Divorce, Job Changes, Assaults, etc. I try to look for the positive in any challenge. My husband and I (with 5 children) had our last child in her last 2 years of college when circumstances with my son changed all of that. He and his fiance were involved in an illegal activity and CPS was going to take away thier baby (my granddaughter). Luckily CPS released her to my husband and I and immediately we were new parents again. She was 6 months old. She is now a very smart and active 2 1/2 year old and still living with us. It was a huge challenge to be a new mom again and have the financial burden of Daycare, the diapers, formula and everything else that comes with babies, dropped on us overnight, but she is safe and happy and she’s made me feel younger having to run around after her. My Mom had a saying – “Laugh Hard, Hang Tough, Lend A Hand”. It’s what I teach my kids. No matter what happens you can find a silver lining in it somewhere if you look hard enough.

    • Ceef

      Oh, my gosh. For some reason, I’m moved to tears to read your story. I applaud you, although I know that’s not what you’re after. You have done the best thing for the situation you and your family were thrust into. I have done the same and I feel blessed to be such a big part of my granddaughter’s life. I’ve always said that life turns on a dime. Hang in there!

      • Lou Lindsey

        Thank you so much. Yes it does turn on a dime sometimes – just hold on and enjoy the ride… Good for you being able to take care of your Granddaughter. God never gives us more than we can handle. When you feel like you can’t give any more, you always have love to give which is so powerful. God bless you

  • Michelli Luz

    The last 6 years have been unbelievable – had my second child, moved 5 times, my ex-husband’s business went under, my brother was shot and killed, our house was foreclosed, decided to divorce my husband, had to deal with betrayal with family and friends, and to top it all the company I had been working with for 1 year filed chapter 11 bankruptcy 7 weeks ago keeping the thousands of dollars I had reinvested into the company. Most people have no idea how I truly feel inside because all I show is my positive attitude and enthusiasm for life. The past few years have been a school of growth experiences and I am not ever going to let anything or anyone take me down. I will for as long as I live empower myself and others in anyway I can starting all over again with a new business venture I pre launched on Thursday night, Rio Bites. Rio Bites is a gourmet Brazilian food company, specializing in bite sized candies and hor d’ouevres all handmade made in Austin. We are getting started with our premiere line of candies called “Brigadeiros”. They are sweet, scrumptious, and our favorite treat. I have put all of my money into getting this business started, but I need more to finish our website and buy the necessary marketing materials. I need to sell the 400 gift boxes I have in stock this week and will love to have some catering orders as well. Would anyone be interested in a teacher’s gift? Please go to to obtain my information. Also, if you all have any ideas as for how I can sell these 400 gift boxes in a flash, pleaseeeeee let me know. I am trying to generate income from sales because I don’t have investors to reach out to. I need help. Please help me get this off the ground ladies! Thank you so much, Michelli