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ENCORE: Living with Intent: Your Guide for Moving From Action to Outcome

Mallika Chopra, the daughter of spirituality guru Deepak Chopra, has been steeped in questions of purpose, fulfillment, and enlightenment for her entire life. As she looked to answer these questions, she struggled with the challenges of guilt and finding balance and serenity as her to-list multiplied by the second. Her tipping point led her to authoring Living with Intent, which is a chronicle of her search to find more meaning, joy and balance in life. In this session, Mallika Chopra will share her personal journey – successes and failures) and provide a practical road map for how we can all move from thought to action to overcome. 

Speaker: Mallika Chopra, founder and CEO,, author, Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy

Moderator: Sabrina Brown, owner, Sabrina T. Brown Consulting & board member, TX Conference for Women