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Exclusive Offer from Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson

Tory-Johnson-book-220x300Tory Johnson lived for nearly 40 years believing that if only she could lose weight everything would be perfect—only to discover that life doesn’t work that way. She finally did what had always been impossible: She lost 62 pounds in a year, and more since then. But rainbows and unicorns never appeared.

While she’s incredibly proud of her ongoing weight loss journey—a gigantic reward itself—it took several subsequent personal and professional hard hits to accept that lasting happiness, joy and fulfillment couldn’t be defined by a number on the scale or the size of a dress. Realizing she had a lot more work to do, Tory set out to transform herself on the inside as she had done on the outside.

Now in Shift for Good, Tory takes readers on a journey of personal discovery—with continued emphasis on weight loss and far beyond. She shares the remarkable impact that simple changes have made personally and professionally. Whether you want to re-engage at work, strengthen relationships, improve your health or find daily joy in all you do, Tory shows you how to shift for good, too.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Preorder Shift for Good today and receive an immediate excerpt, free custom journal, bracelet and mini mantra hand tattoos. Additionally, for you as a Conference for Women newsletter subscriber, when you submit your proof of purchase at this week, Tory will mail you a set of 6 smart, fun custom magnets to inspire your shift, along with other Shift-inspired treats.


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