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Expert Exchange | Strategies to Stand Out, Step Up and Get Noticed in a Male Dominated Environment

Austin is a magnet for the best and brightest and you are part of it. In this competitive environment, it is important to stand out, step up and get noticed – not only to climb the ladder, but to have impact. But how do you stand out without alienating others? How do you get taken seriously in a male-dominated room? And how do you remain innovative in a high-pressure environment? This panel of savvy women will offer specific feedback navigated from their current experiences in the workplace, will share their tactics for survival and growth and identify the pitfalls to avoid so that you can succeed.

Thought Leader:

Doreen Lorenzo, founder, Vidlet and director, Center for Integrated Design, The University of Texas


Mary Ellen Dugan, CMO, WP Engine
Yasmine Winkler, CEO, central region & chief consumer officer, United Healthcare