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“Every little act you do gives some hope to humanity.” – Leymah Gbowee

“You have to protect your time with your life – because it is your life.” – Bert Jacobs

“We can change the conversation about what it means to be a hero. Heroes fail. They fall down. They screw up.” – Abby Wambach

“There’s great power in knowing that you’re not alone…” – Candy Chang

“It’s not what you have; it’s what you do with what you have” – Sophia Amoruso

“I do not answer email after 7pm or on weekends.” – Shonda Rhimes

“We tell our girls they can be anything they want to be when they grow up…

“You either succeed or you learn. Take failure off the table.” – John Jacobs

“Real power comes from the ability to effect change; not from telling everyone how powerful you are.” – Kam Unninayar

“We have to behave as if everything we do matters, because it just might.” – Gloria Steinem

“My worst negotiation nightmares are the negotiations I didn’t have.” – Patty McCord

“Too many women try to do it all on their own. We really are stronger together.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

“If you have made a difference to even one person, you have a purpose.” – Linda Cliatt Wayman

“The light in you is greater than the darkness you have to walk through.”—Brené Brown

“Just keep trying.” —Diane Keaton

“Life is full of randomness. Giving back allows life to have a sense of purpose.” —Sheryl WuDunn

“Gratitude is not something you just have – it’s something you have to practice.” —John Jacobs

“If you wait for fear to subside, you’re going to be on the sidelines for a very long time.” — Robin Roberts

“To be a woman is a privilege, and it’s important we remember it.” —Diane Von Furstenberg

“No one said you can’t go outside the lines.” —Candy Chang

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