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Inspired By: Porter Gale

Porter Gale“Focus on giving more than getting.”

Porter Gale is the author of Your Network Is Your Net Worth and an internationally known public speaker, networker and entrepreneur. We asked her a few questions about her own career path and how she ended up where she is today.

Q: How did your professional journey begin and what would you say was your defining professional moment?

A: I started in the advertising business as an intern. I’ve had many defining moments – including being the VP of Marketing at Virgin America.

Q: What are the characteristics that you believe define a great company?

A:  Innovative, Team-Oriented, Honest, Consumer-Focused

Q: What are your top 3 tips for a woman who is ready to make her next career move?

A: Follow Your Passion, Think Big, Focus on Building Authentic Relationships

Q: What is the top piece of professional advice that you’ve received from a mentor and why do you think that advice still applies to today’s business environment?

A: Focus on giving more than getting. This rule will always apply.

Q: What is the one thing you make time for in your daily life that helps keeps you refreshed and positive?

A: Being a present parent to my 11-year-old.

Q: Can you name a leader for whom you have great respect and tell us why?

A: Oprah – [she] broke through barriers, is authentic, and has built an inspirational company.