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Magic in the Air

by Joan Louise Hill

This was it – the maiden voyage of an expert exchange session on Strategies for Successful Transitions and Second Acts – we knew it was interactive – but would participants do it? After all, it was the last session of an incredibly full day at the Texas Conference for Women.

Would people have any energy left or would they stare at us vacantly, causing us to wonder whether this was really such a good idea?

With the moment of truth upon us, we explained the process, “You have 1 minute to tell the person next to you a defining moment in your life, ‘Go!’”

The cacophony was deafening, the cadence intense – there was laughter and tears, new friendships were forged and old ones were deepened. No one wanted to change partners for the next two exercises. Instant bonding materialized, emails exchanged, mentors were found and dreams were shared – fearlessness – that elusive feeling of power and connection that had been discussed all day was understood, internalized, and practiced. People came in from the halls to see what the buzz was about…there was magic in the air. Share your story of conference connection with us – we’d love to know…

Joan Luise Hill is co-author of “The Miracle Chase: Three Women, Three Miracles and a Ten Year Journey of Discovery and Friendship” and host of the 2011 Texas Conference for Women Expert Exchange Session: Strategies for Successful Transitions and Second Acts.