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Podcast: Mentoring Millennials with Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey PollakLindsey Pollak, often called a “translator” among the generations, shares her insights, opinions and the latest research about today’s 20-somethings in this 30-minute recording of her recent teleclass.

Listen below (or read the transcript) to pick up some actionable strategies to harness the power of your Millennial workers.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are 76 million Baby Boomers approaching retirement age, but only about 45 million Gen Xers to fill their leadership roles. This means younger workers will have to develop and train faster to be ready.
  • Millennials often lack the confidence to lead. They should realize that no one is 100% prepared for leadership, but remember also that there is always room for improvement.
  • The shift from rock star employee to manager is huge – Millennials will have to learn to put their team’s success ahead of their own, to make sure they are effectively communicating with everyone they manage, and to enable others around them in a way they perhaps haven’t before.
  • Keep your personal brand/ reputation in mind. Give all of your profiles a makeover when you step into a leadership role. (e.g., On LinkedIn, choose a professional photo, make your headline descriptive as people might not read below that, update your summary— your elevator pitch—to ensure your leadership credentials are very clear.)

Lindsey Pollak is also the author of Getting from College to Career. She serves as an official ambassador for LinkedIn, spokesperson for The Hartford’s “My Tomorrow” campaign and chair of Cosmopolitan magazine’s Millennial advisory board.

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