Melinda Gates! The First of Many Amazing 2020 Conference for Women Speaker Announcements

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    The Q&A—On Mentors and Role Models in STEM Fields

    Liana NicklauWith Arm’s Liana Nicklaus

    “If you care deeply about an issue and want to see it improve, whether that’s women’s professional development or something completely different, it’s time to get to work, because it’s not going to happen without you.”

    Q: Which people have been your most important mentors and role models throughout your life?

    As a kid, my most important role models were my parents. I learned how to advocate for myself and speak in a professional manner by overhearing my mom’s conference calls and having long talks with her in the car while she drove me around to after-school activities. My dad passed down his passion for science and engineering through many evenings and weekends spent running experiments with my sister and I in the kitchen sink, taking us to science camp, and helping us with math homework. Read More

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    The Q&A—On Striking a Healthy Work-Life Balance

    Amy O'NeilWith Liberty Mutual’s Amy O’Neill

    “Looking back, I would want a mentor to tell me that there is no magic formula to the work-life balance. The key is to find a healthy balance that enables you to be your best at work and at home, which will allow you to experience a fulfilling career.”

    Q: What was your dream job as a kid and why? 

    I wanted to be a teacher. Growing up with nine siblings, I remember playing “school” with my younger brothers and creating tests and homework assignments; I loved the idea of running my own classroom (or bossing my brothers around!)

    Q: Today, you have an enormous job—being someone who is responsible for driving strategy and the execution of health and welfare benefits and well-being programs for nearly 50,000 people. What is one of the most valuable and perhaps surprising lessons in leadership that has enabled you to do what you do? Read More

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    July 2019 News

    This edition of the TX Conference for Women newsletter was published July 9, 2019. Subscribe to our email list to hear from inspiring speakers and get tips on improving your life & career every month!

    Three Rewarding Ways to Unleash Your Career Now

    Close up of woman lacing up sneakers

    We have three offerings this month about how to fast-track your career: Play to your human strengths. (AI can’t replace those!) Don’t let fear of failure hold you back. (More people than you imagine survived a massive failure before making it to the C-Suite.) And think about networking like going to the gym. (We’ll explain.) Read More

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    Shawn Achor Shares the Single Greatest Predictor of Success, Happiness and Longevity

    Shawn Achor speaks during OPENING KEYNOTE SESSION during the 2018 Texas Conference For Women at Austin Convention Center on November 9, 2018

    Shawn Achor, one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between success and happiness, told 7,500 women at this month’s 2018 Texas Conference for Women that his latest research “validates the entire reason you’re here today.”

    “Social connection, which is created by being here, is the greatest predictor of long-term happiness and the greatest long-term predictor of success,” Achor said. “What we have just found out is that it is also as predictive of how long you will live as obesity, high blood pressure, or smoking.”

    Achor’s new findings build on his prior research that revealed: Read More

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