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TXCFW’s Statement on Supreme Court Ruling

We recognize that these are uniquely challenging times for women in our country and beyond. 

We also know that many women in our community have strong views – positive, negative, and mixed – about the historic ruling handed down by the United States Supreme Court.. 

But we celebrate all women who take an active role in our civic dialogue, making their voices heard on this and other important issues affecting women. 

And while we may hold varying personal opinions, as an organization dedicated to advancing women in the workplace, we recognize there are certain economic and health care implications that transcend opinion – and are important for us all to anticipate. 

History shows without the right to reproductive rights, there is a decline in women’s participation in the workforce and a decline in the financial well-being of women and their families. 

Recognizing the vital role of women in families, workplaces, and our economy; the high maternal mortality rates among women of color in the U.S.; and the critical importance of quality health care for all—these are serious concerns. 

We are proud of our many sponsor partners that recognize the vital importance of women in the workplace and provide them with the equal support and benefits they deserve.