Lesley Jane Seymour

Lesley Jane Seymour was named editor-in-chief of More in 2008 and led the magazine to a 2009 National Magazine Award nomination for personal service for an investigative piece called "The Endangered Uterus" and a nomination for General Excellence in 2010.  Under her guidance, the magazine published its first compilation book, "More Magazine’s 287 Secrets of Reinventing Your Life: Big and Small Ways to Embrace New Possibilities." Prior to joining Meredith Corporation, Seymour served as the editor-in-chief of both Marie Claire and Redbook. While in these positions, she spearheaded cause-related programs, including "It’s Time to Talk Day" and "One World/One Wish" for Marie Claire, as well as Redbook’s "Breast Cancer Medbook." Seymour’s editorial experience also encompasses serving as the editor-in-chief of YM, beauty director of Glamour and contributing editor for Vogue.  Additionally, Seymour is the author of two books – "On the Edge: Images from 100 Years of Vogue" and "I Wish My Parents Understood." Seymour was also ranked fourth on Forbes’ "Most Powerful Fashion Magazine Editors" list in 2009.