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Amber Gunst

2023 Speaker

Moderator | That’s a Good Question: Navigating the Tech Workplace

AMBER GUNST is a dynamic, energetic, results-driven leader and business developer with deep connections in the Austin and Texas marketplace. Adept at developing strategic marketing, sourcing new business, implementing growth initiatives, and maintaining strong donor relationships, she fosters a sense of teamwork and inclusivity. Recently, Gunst co-founded FundLyst and serves as CRO. FundLyst is a membership SaaS platform matching entrepreneurs to investors. Her passion for tech startups, investors, and expertise in monetization models inspired her to start a company focused on helping both entrepreneurs and investors reduce time and improve fit while fundraising. Previously, Gunst served as the CEO of Austin Technology Council, the largest tech industry organization in Central Texas, focused on spurring innovation in the Austin tech ecosystem through community connections and useful programming. As CEO, Gunst fostered a multi-million-dollar network by launching several successful programs, such as Battle for Austin Tech Awards, and redesigning current programs for optimal growth.