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Amy Magro

2023 Speaker

Introduction | Executive Director, Patient Advocacy, Horizon Therapeutics, now a part of the Amgen family

AMY MAGRO currently serves as executive director of patient advocacy at Amgen and has enjoyed a 31-year career spanning healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing, and patient advocacy. Through her work, Magro has driven marketing and patient support programming that support neurology therapies at Lundbeck, and anti-infective and cardiovascular therapies at Abbott Laboratories. When joining Horizon Therapeutics (now Amgen), Magro skillfully led the patient advocacy team in developing programs that connect patients living with rare diseases, shares educational resources, provides access to supportive grants and research institutions, and supports the work of disease-specific advocacy groups. Magro now continues this with Amgen, to ensure patients can find a sense of community and feel supported throughout their individual diagnoses and treatment journeys.