Cal Newport

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Cal Newport

CAL NEWPORT is an author and assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University, specializing in the theory of distributed algorithms. Newport is the author of Deep Work, where he argues that the ability to focus without distraction is a superpower in the multi-tasking, internet-obsessed 21st century economy. In his newest book, A World Without Email, he proposes a bold vision for liberating workers from the tyranny of the inbox and unleashing a new era of productivity. In Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World, Newport proposes a bold solution: a minimalist approach to technology use by reducing the time you spend online. His book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You, argued for the development of skills and craftsmanship rather than relying on “passion” as a career compass. Newport earned his Ph.D. from MIT in 2009. @calnewport2

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