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Cassandra Worthy

2021 Speaker

CASSANDRA WORTHY is founder and CEO of We Are Change Enthusiasts LLC, a top-leading leadership development firm specializing in navigating the emotions of change. She is a former Fortune 100 Innovation Leader, highly dynamic speaker and presenter, chemical engineer, but above all else the world’s leading expert on Change Enthusiasm®. Through her corporate experiences, she has not only endured but THRIVED during major change challenges including acquisition and significant organizational restructure. This endurance was thanks to the creation and cultivation of her strategy of Change Enthusiasm®. In her dynamic keynotes and workshops, with wit and infectious energy, she now teaches this unique strategy with world-class business leaders across dozens of industries around the world. Worthy founded the Global #WeAreChangeEnthusiasts movement, garnering more than 3.5M online impressions and over 1.2M video views and counting. @cassandra_worthy_speaker (IG)