Christina Linnell

2014 Speaker

Christina Linnell is the founder and chief idea officer of Linnell Media. She serves as social media cracker jack for small business owners all over the world. Linnell leverages online and local strategic relationships to design the best social media implementation programs for her very diverse clients producing 1000% plus increases in devoted fan-base membership as well as developing strategic and tactical content to produce client targets. Social Media as a marketing vehicle is changing and growing daily. Being a leader in this category is exciting and she enjoys the opportunity to speak and train multiple audiences. Working with growing companies to broaden relationships with their clients and seeing companies hone their brand voice and succeed is very fulfilling. Linnell has been a social media subject matter expert with AVINDĒ Startup Accelerator, a member of the Social Media Street Team for Texas Conference for Women, a speaker at Texas Conference for Women and an active mentor for entrepreneurs. @c_linnell

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