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Cory Cotton

2012 Speaker

Cory Cotton is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, and one of the founders of the five-man trick basketball shot team known as Dude Perfect. Since its appearance three years ago, Dude Perfect has garnered more than 80 million views of their online content and has been labeled by Advertising Age as “One of You Tube’s hottest brands.” Besides working with Fortune 500 brands such as GMC, ESPN, AT&T, and Southwest Airlines, they’ve walked the ESPYs red carpet, been featured on “Jimmy Kimmel,” “Regis and Kelly,” “GMA” and “CBS Evening News,” among others. They’ve even had their work aired commercially during primetime events such as the NBA Finals and the FIFA World Cup. As evidence of their increasing popularity, the Dude Perfect brand recently expanded by launching what has become a best-selling game for iPhone, iPad and Android, and also followed that up with the release of their newly published book, “Go Big,” written by Cotton. An acclaimed motivational speaker, Cotton is passionate about inspiring others to Go Big with what they love, and use that platform for a cause greater than themselves. Cotton displays this principal through his support of charity: water and Compassion International.