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Dr. Dawn Bazarko

2015 Speaker

DR. DAWN BAZARKO is the founder and senior vice president of Moment Health, an innovative new UnitedHealth Group business focused on bringing mindfulness solutions to the work place, to health care workers and into health care delivery to improve the care experience. Over the past 6 years, she has been a driving force behind cultivating mindfulness practices in the workplace, offering mindfulness meditation and mindfulness based stress reduction programs to employees and leaders of major organizations via in-person, telephonic and drop-in formats. Dr. Bazarko’s research with UnitedHealth Group nurses involving telehealth mindfulness delivery was published in the May 2013 “Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health.” As a long term meditator, Dr. Bazarko has studied with Jon Kabat Zinn, Rebecca Bradshaw, Diana Winston, Marvin Belzer and many others. Dr. Bazarko is a seasoned business leader demonstrating conviction and passion in all she does. She has served in a variety of leadership roles at UnitedHealth Group including clinical innovation, delivery system reform and most recently the creation of UnitedHealth Group’s Center for Nursing Advancement. In recognition of her contributions to the field of nursing, Dr. Bazarko was inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing in 2014. Dr. Bazarko serves on numerous boards, including the American Nurses Foundation board of trustees, and the University of Minnesota Nursing Foundation board. An RN, she earned a Master’s in Public Health, specializing in environmental and occupational health, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice, both from the University of Minnesota. @myuhc