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Dr. Seema Desai

2023 Speaker

Moderator | Career Connections Meetups

DR. SEEMA DESAI is a recovering perfectionist and a loving wife and mom of two young children.  She is a credentialed executive coach, speaker, and author of Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides. Dr. Desai also co-hosts the podcast Happy and Human. She currently serves as co-president of the Austin chapter of Pratham USA, a non-profit organization aimed at creating learning equality for underserved children in India and globally.  Though no longer seeing patients, Dr. Desai is also a general dentist who dedicated her years in medicine to serving the geriatric population in Austin and surrounding areas. ​Dr. Desai’s coaching helps ​ambitious leaders go from stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated to productive, effective, and deeply connected to their sense of fulfillment and inner peace.​  She empowers her clients to achieve their goals and live a life they’ve only dreamed of.