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Erin Condren

2016 Speaker

ERIN CONDREN started her business when her boy-girl twins were born and she left the apparel industry. She began printing holiday cards, stationery and stickers from home, a business that ten years later would be a vibrant international eCommerce enterprise, with over 200 employees, two state-of-the-art printing and fulfillment centers, over 250k Instagram followers, and more than one million customers on-line. Condren built her eponymous brand around one central theme: “Let’s get it done, so we can have some fun!” With that cheerful philosophy in mind, Condren’s business has ballooned, providing customers with everything from personalized planners and stationery, to custom acrylic trays and other organization essentials. Her signature item is the LifePlanner™ stylized organizer, a stylish multitasking agenda and notebook that includes a month-over-month and week-over-week calendar system, to do lists, color-coded stickers for flagging important dates, and so much more.  The Erin Condren brand continues to grow outside the ErinCondren.complatform and is currently sold at 500 Staples stores nationwide and at as well as through a curated assortment on @erincondren