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Grace Rodriguez

2012 Speaker

Grace Rodriguez lives by design. As “creative juicer” at Culture Pilot, Rodriguez crafts brand strategies that transform technology, social media, data and design into meaningful interactive experiences that connect, engage, delight and inspire audiences. Passionate about community and innovation, she serves on the Mayor’s Innovation and Technology advisory board, and co-founded and is president of C2 Creative, Houston’s first non-profit creative accelerator. Rodriguez’s work has been recognized with the Texas Statesman Social Media award, the Pegasus Award of Distinction for Destination Houston and Houston Press “Best New Magazine” for Rice Addict. She is most proud, however, of working behind the scenes as an organizer and co-producer of the COHouston initiative, the Visualized Data+Story+Design conference in New York, and numerous Houston Startup Weekends. She also loves helping innovative people and organizations like Fresh Arts and the Houston Coworking Collaborative realize their Big Ideas and transform their potential energy into sustainable kinetic growth.