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Heather Willems

2017 Speaker

HEATHER WILLEMS is a co-founder of ImageThink and co-author of Draw Your Big Idea. As a fine artist, graphic facilitator, and business strategy consultant, she helps top executives operate more efficiently through visuals. With her team, she visualizes the biggest ideas of some of the world’s most influential companies by creating long-lasting records of ideas in an engaging, memorable way. After twelve years of witnessing breakthroughs with clients, she wants to help more people achieve their goals. She visualizes big ideas for world’s most influential thought leaders and companies including Disney, AOL, FedEx, Google, Lego, and NASA . Her work has been featured on TED, The Today Show, MSNBC, Inc., ForbesMashable and the Wall Street Journal. Whether she’s leading workshops or speaking about visual thinking, Willems has a passion for making connections. She’s spoken at and collaborated with New York Times Small Business Summit, Columbia University, SXSW, Comic-con,  PTTOW! and many more. @heather_willems