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Jeanne Corrigan

2014 Speaker

Jeanne Corrigan is a strategist, focused on the women’s market. She is part researcher, part marketer and all curiosity. After 20 years of conversations with women, Corrigan found all the hot buttons in every subject and business category imaginable. She has baked cookies with Nestlé Toll House, teamed with REAL SIMPLE to understand real women’s daily lives (including organizing a closet or two) and shopped for all kinds of greetings cards for American Greetings.   Based in Austin, Texas, Corrigan is surrounded by innovation and creative risk-takers, who inspire and inform her worldview. She is a sought after speaker on connecting with consumers, qualitative research and marketing to women. She is also mother to Finn, which makes talking to other moms a favorite part of her research. @mosaicinsight