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Jen Ostrich

2015 Speaker

JEN OSTRICH is the founder and president of ostrich coaching + consulting where she helps leaders and brands define their authentic self so their vision and reality become one. Prior to coaching, Ostrich spent over 14 years in the advertising industry in account management and brand development. She’s worked within big and small agencies, launching her ad career at J. Walter Thompson in New York, followed by agencies in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. After reaching her goal of becoming a VP and running an account management department by age 30, she found herself seeking a greater purpose. Ostrich took the skills and passions that come naturally to her, along with her highly analytical and intuitive sides, to a new career of coaching and leadership development. Today she works with many women across the advertising industry as well as and other high potential individuals across fortune 500 companies to advance their emotional intelligence, communication style, leadership skills or manage aspects of their personal life while holding a demanding job. To complement a B.A. in communications from Penn State, she is certified in leadership and transition coaching by the prestigious Hudson Institute. Later this year she will be at the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). @ostrichcoaching