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Jessica Haskins

2015 Speaker

JESSICA HASKINS is a community pharmacy manager with Walgreens. She began her pharmacy career at K&B Pharmacy in Louisiana, and worked in independent community pharmacy there as well. Her residency brought her to Austin, Texas. She began working for Walgreens in their Patient Care Center and served as a clinical instructor for the University of Texas at Austin. After completing her residency, Haskins moved to Memphis, Tennessee to work in the Walgreens Patient Care Center and Specialty Pharmacy Center for 3 years. She has returned to Austin as a pharmacy manager for Walgreens since 2008. Haskins currently manages a community pharmacy for Walgreens, and she serves as the health testing trainer for the Austin West district. She helps train and develop pharmacists, students and technicians to be prepared to meet the needs of the evolving practice of pharmacy. She also enjoys participating in volunteer opportunities that Walgreens provides to the local community. Haskins earned her Pharm.D. from The University of Louisiana at Monroe, and completed her specialty pharmacy residency in community care through The University of Texas at Austin.  @walgreens