Julia Carreon

2019 Speaker
Julia Carreon

JULIA CARREON is managing director of wealth management with Wells Fargo. She is a twenty five year financial service professional with a long track record of ideating and implementing technology innovation in financial services. She leads a team who is responsible for The Private Bank online experience for Wells Fargo, which serves one million online active clients in the high-net-worth and ultra-high net-worth markets; the desktop experience for advisors; and other operations functions. Her team was among the first to launch a tablet app for financial advisors to use with clients while out of the office. She is the co-author of a strategy called the Future of Advice. Seventeen years ago, she was a leader on a small team that stood up an end-to-end omni-channel experience for home equity lines and loans. Carreon serves as the executive director of the Women’s Team Member Network for Central Texas. Her LinkedIn blog on Generation Z is followed by executives in Canada, the US, and UK.  @wellsfargo

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