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Kirya Francis

2016 Speaker

KIRYA FRANCIS is vice president and director of media technology for GSD&M. She has a keen ability to understand complex and advancing technology and simplify them for agency-wide comprehension. She continues to play a key role in the development of GSD&M’s media proprietary tools, most recently the discrepancy management system and guideline compliance tool, which improve effectiveness for the media and accounting departments. After stints in the automotive and broadcast journalism industry, Francis began her career in the media industry. In 2000, she made her way to GSD&M as the DDS liaison on the local broadcast SBC (AT&T) team, which grew into the role of media technology director for all mediums for every GSD&M client. Today, Francis manages relationships with the agency’s key media vendor partners and continues to propel GSD&M forward by spearheading the creation of tools that improve work efficiency and effectiveness. She’s also a proud, founding member of the Core Team—a group of employees responsible for personifying and preserving the agency’s 45-year history, its core values, community and culture. @gsdm