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Laura Huffman

2013 Speaker

Laura Huffman is the state director of The Nature Conservancy in Texas and heads a statewide team of scientists, conservation experts and support staff whose work supports the Conservancy’s 38 statewide preserves. She has authored a number of articles on issues such as drought, water scarcity and Gulf of Mexico protection, and advocated tirelessly for passage of the RESTORE Act in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Huffman has also worked closely with Texas lawmakers to bring Texas water issues to the forefront, encouraging the funding and prioritization of the State Water Plan. She helped draft legislation with far-reaching ramifications for water conservation and spearheaded the expansion of water protection funds across Central Texas, which have, to date, generated more than a half-billion dollars. Huffman has been key in launching the Conservancy’s North American Urban Conservation Strategy, designed to support cities as they integrate natural infrastructure into planning and development. @LauraJHuffman