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Leslie Hassler

2018 Speaker

LESLIE HASSLER is the founder of Your Biz Rules. You may have noticed that when businesses grow, the list of what needs fixing grows too. It can be hard to know which things need focus first. Sending most business owners into a pattern of reactive decision-making that erodes their spirits and their profits. Hassler helps women get a clear-eyed view of the moving parts in their company from 30,000 feet and prioritize what to do first, next — and never. So her clients get back into action more effectively and calmly than ever before. Hassler is the author of First This, Then That: The Rules of Getting Growth Right In Your Service-Based Business, and a popular speaker. She lives in Dallas with her family, so she knows it’s not just about growing the business, it’s also about getting the business ship-shape so you can be home in time for dinner. @yourbizrules