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Lisa Pearson

2017 Speaker

LISA PEARSON is a seasoned tech executive. She is currently CEO of Umbel, a fast-growing data company. Prior to this, she has been a public company CMO, an advertising executive on Madison Avenue, board member and advisor to some of the best-known brands in the world, and frequent speaker on women in tech. Pearson is known for building high performing teams and is described as a leader who captures both the hearts and the minds of her employees. Having spent the majority of her career in male-dominated boardrooms, Pearson is keenly aware of the importance of cultivating women in leadership positions. She is refreshingly honest about the challenges women face professionally, especially in tech, and offers candid feedback on what women need to do become successful. She is the loving mama of two teens and has real world advice on the alchemy it takes to blend family, work, and self-care. @lpearson