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Lorena Asebedo Kaplen

2019 Speaker

LORENA ASEBEDO KAPLEN is a registered dietitian, culinary enthusiast and self‑taught chef whose passion for food and nutrition stems from her childhood.  She began to cook at a very young age and credits her Hispanic heritage as being a strong influence on her everyday cooking. As a child, Kaplen began to struggle with her weight and weighed in the 90th percentile for her height. Having personally experienced the challenges that come with being overweight and trying to lose weight, she focused her discipline in nutrition. Kaplen earned her degree in nutrition science and started a small business called Lorena’s Lean Lessons, teaching the community how to cook and eat for their health. Becoming a supermarket dietitian for H‑E‑B has allowed her to combine her knowledge in food science with love for nutrition and turn it into practical solutions for Texans. @heb