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Martha Pincoffs

2015 Speaker

MARTHA PINCOFFS is partner to Jo, mom to River and Townes, founder of Hot Dang, Inc., challenge taker, cook, reader, hiker and biker. She founded Hot Dang in April 2011 in the midst of a year-long eating-at-home challenge. Her mission with Hot Dang is to use recognizable ingredients to bring great tasting, healthy food to the masses.  Pincoffs has seen Hot Dang go from a single burger offering at the farmer’s market in Austin to a company that has 8 items in grocery stores in over 20 states.  Hot Dang started in boot-strap mode until Pincoffs was able to forage strategic partnerships with seasoned industry professionals to grow the business.  She is a partner in Hat Creek Provisions Company, bringing locally sourced, mind-blowingly delicious fermented veggies to the people. She also chairs the board of directors of Austin based Adoption Advocates. @notthatmartha