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Megan Haddock

2019 Speaker

MEGAN HADDOCK, Esq serves as the CEO of UnitedHealthcare community and state Oklahoma Health Plan. She is responsible for Medicare and Medicaid products in Oklahoma as well as the STAR+PLUS Nursing Facility product in Texas. She leads initiatives at the in both areas to promote improved health outcomes and profitable growth. Haddock joined UnitedHealthcare in 2016 and has over ten years of experience in the Medicaid. Prior to her role and UnitedHealthcare, she served as the Medicaid services director for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services for seven years. Additional experience includes owning and operating her own law firm in Tulsa for a number of years, as well as acting as operations officer for a national background screening firm. Haddock earned a JD from the University Of Tulsa College Of Law, as well as a BBA from the University of Oklahoma. She currently serves on the board of the Oklahoma State Chamber. @_meganhaddock