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Meredith Walker

2012 Speaker

Meredith Walker began her television career with Nickelodeon’s “NICK NEWS.”  During her time there, the show won the Peabody Award as well as several Emmys. Working her way up to senior producer, Walker traveled to all 50 states to interview kids who had interesting stories to tell. This would become the foundation for her deepening interest in the lives of young people.  Next, she served as head of the Talent Department at the iconic “Saturday Night Live,” where she met her best friend, Amy Poehler.  Now living in Austin, Walker offers her time as a mentor at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, gives speeches on how you can be a “smart girl” no matter your age or place in life, and devotes lots of her time and talent to what has become her passion:  producing the show she co-created with Amy Poehler, “Smart Girls at the Party.”  It is a groundbreaking way to use the internet to inspire, encourage and celebrate the lives of young women.  In addition, Walker produces all the other shows on the brand new Smart Girls Channel for YouTube/Google.