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Michele Ruiz

2014 Speaker

Michele Ruiz is a bi-lingual entrepreneur and public speaker whose passions are entrepreneurship, empowerment and technology. Her motto is: “empowering entrepreneurs to empower themselves!” Through her personal brand, she is focused on educating, inspiring and empowering business owners. She shares her experiences via social media with her tens of thousands of followers by blogging and content messaging as well as public speaking. She also represents Fortune 1,000 companies as a brand ambassador. Ruiz is president and CEO of Ruiz Strategies, a communications firm that develops and executes transformational content marketing strategies for world class companies, large professional services firms, government entities and C-level executives leveraging the power of social media, new media, traditional media and virtual technologies. Ruiz Strategies is a certified minority-owned (MBE) and woman-owned (WBE) business with locations in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.   Considered a thought leader, Ruiz has been interviewed and quoted by major news organizations including CNN and The New York Times. @micheleruiz01