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Michelle Breyer

2014 Speaker

Michelle Breyer is a co-founder and president of TextureMedia Inc., a 16-year-old Austin-based social media network platform for people with curls, coils and waves. The company’s mission is to empower, inspire and connect millions of consumers, thousands of stylists and hundreds of haircare brands. Breyer spent most of her career as a journalist, winning numerous awards during her 20-year career as a business reporter. Growing up curly, she had long been frustrated by the dearth of information on curly hair and the lack of curl-specific products and stylists who understood how to work with curls and kinks. NaturallyCurly was launched in 1998 with $200 and the help of a 13-year-old Web designer. Today, the texture segment is considered a staple for most hair-care brands, and many credit that to NaturallyCurly’s influence. @naturallycurly