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Rachel Woodson

2016 Speaker

RACHEL WOODSON is chief of staff at Rackspace, supporting the global chief marketing officer as well as driving strategic initiatives across the organization with her cross-functional experience. As an AC/DC fan, plus an expert on Rackspace (in that order), Woodson is a 12-year veteran of the company. Prior to her role as chief of staff, Woodson held several domestic and international leadership roles within Rackspace. As director of Americas business operations, she led a team of segment operation leaders in the hybrid, DevOps and cloud business units. She also oversaw enterprise program management with oversight in global automation, security vulnerabilities and business and technical programs. In 2014, Woodson drove $21M consolidated sales in enterprise mid-market where she was responsible for a $215K monthly quota, maintaining a 98 percent attainment rate. British born, Canadian residing, Northern Irish accented, Cantonese speaking, former competitive rifle, and pistol shooter, Woodson earned a degree in geology from Imperial College London. @rackspace