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Rana Salman, Ph.D.

2019 Speaker

RANA SALMAN, Ph.D. collaborates with sales, marketing and enablement leaders to improve sales effectiveness. With over 17 years of experience in marketing and sales, she has spent a significant amount of her career as a sales consultant, working with midsize and Fortune 500 organizations. Rana leads Salman Consulting, which specializes in designing sales strategies, developing and humanizing the sales process, and creating practical content, tools, and training required to acquire, qualify, and close deals. In the last year, Rana has presented at various events, including the Sales Enablement Society Annual Conference, as well as a guest speaker for Texas A&M’s Reynolds & Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute. Having earned an MBA in marketing and brand management and a Ph.D. in organization and management from Capella University and a BS in public relations from McPherson College, you can find her dissertation findings published in the Journal of International Business Management & Research. @salmanconsult