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Rebecca Canby

2014 Speaker

Rebecca Canby is very passionate about using food as fuel to keep a positive mind set, maintain high energy levels, and feel her best. For herself, she enjoys cooking new foods, finding new ways to prepare familiar foods, and fitting in daily exercise. She strives to share her passion for living a healthy lifestyle with others through being a role model and spreading her knowledge. She believes in the old saying “knowledge is power,” and hopes to provide people with the confidence they need to make changes towards a better you. Canby believes everything can fit into a healthy eating plan- it is just a matter of balance and moderation! She has been an active volunteer with the Central Texas Diabetes Coalition, she is a member of the Austin Academy of nutrition and dietetics, and food and culinary professionals group. As a dietitian she has experience with weight management, diabetes, hypertension, and prevention of chronic diseases. Canby earned her B.S. with a focus in dietetics at the University of Georgia and completed her dietetic internship at Texas Tech University.